Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency’s Track Record Exceeds $13.8 Million for 2019-2024 – Report –

A report by the Al-Quds Committee, an offshoot of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, may God preserve Him, reveals that the achievements of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency, the executive arm of the Committee, in the Holy City amount to more than $13.8 million between the two sessions of the OIC Summit (2019-2024). The report, handed over to participants at the 15th OIC Summit Conference being held on May 4-5 in Banjul, Republic of the Gambia, stresses that the Agency, under the personal supervision of His Majesty the King, continues to carry out its duties to improve the living conditions of the residents of Al-Quds through economic, social, housing, educational and cultural projects, aiming to directly respond to the needs of the city’s population. These projects, the document notes, have considerably contributed to improving the conditions of the inhabitants of Al-Quds and supporting their resistance, while helping to preserve the civilizational identity of the Holy City, strengthening peaceful coexistence and brotherhood between the followers of the three heavenly religions, and promoting dialogue within a framework of mutual respect and acceptance. The report highlights “the Kingdom of Morocco’s continued support for the Palestinian cause and its ongoing solidarity with the Palestinian people,” most recently illustrated by the large-scale humanitarian operation ordered by HM King Mohammed VI, may God preserve Him, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, for the Palestinians in Al-Quds and Gaza during the month of Ramadan. In addition to emergency humanitarian interventions, the report underlines the diversified nature of the Agency’s presence in the field, with programs and projects aiming to provide social support for the Holy City’s inhabitants and ensuring them a dignified life, taking care of the Al-Quds’ orphans, granting school scholarships, as well as organizing activities focusing on youth, sport, children, women and people with special needs, heritage protection, authentic Palestinian arts, promoting the unifying civilizational identity of Al-Quds and supporting studies and research on Al-Quds Asharif. The report also highlights the diversity of the Agency’s achievements in support of education, health, construction and restoration, housing, the protection of historic buildings, social assistance, the emergency aid program to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, the media and press freedom, and the annual “Aouna” campaign to collect olives. The document also refers to the Agency’s working methodology, based on a system of pioneering programs, reflected through the “Bayt Al Maqdis” Research and Study Center, the “Arribat” Observatory for monitoring and evaluation in Al-Quds, the “Dalala” platform for social and solidarity-based trade, the “Children for Al-Quds” club, the Civil Initiatives for a sustainable human development program in Al-Quds, and the “Bayt Al-Maghreb” Moroccan Cultural Center, adds the report.