Sahara: King Mohammed VI insists on autonomy initiative, calls Algeria to dialogue

King Mohammed VI underlined on Tuesday Morocco’s willingness to hold a “direct and frank dialogue with Algeria”, while recalling the kingdom’s sincere collaboration with the UN to achieve a realistic and lasting political settlement to the Sahara that is based on compromise and on the Autonomy Initiative.

In a speech addressed to the Nation on the 43rd anniversary of the Green March, the Moroccan Sovereign deplored the fact that the state of relations between Morocco and Algeria is not normal, much less acceptable and proposed to the Algerian side the creation of a joint political mechanism for dialogue and consultation.

The level of representation within this structure, its format, its nature are to be agreed upon by the two sides, said King Mohammed VI, adding that Morocco is open to any proposals and initiatives from Algeria so as to break the stalemate in relations between the two neighbors and sister nations.

The mission of this mechanism would be to analyze all the issues on hand in good faith and in a very frank, objective and honest way, using an open-ended agenda, without conditions or exceptions, he said.

On the Sahara issue, King Mohammed VI recalled the clarity of Morocco’s position, pointing out that this clarity can be seen in the unchanging principles and frame of reference underpinning Morocco’s position. This clarity is also shown by “the firm, resolute manner in which we have been tackling all transgressions – whatever their origin – aimed at undermining Morocco’s legitimate rights or departing from the frame of reference agreed for the settlement process,” he underlined.

In this context, he also underlined Morocco’s sincere cooperation with the UN Secretary-General and support to the efforts of his Personal Envoy to lay the groundwork for a serious and credible political process.

The Moroccan Sovereign added that with regard to the current momentum and the UN’s tireless efforts, Morocco firmly believes that the experience and the lessons of the past ought to be taken into account in order to avoid the shortcomings and pitfalls of the Manhasset process.