Tindouf Camps: Polisario deploys tanks to intimidate protesters

The Polisario leadership has deployed on Saturday (April 27) tanks and military vehicles to disperse Sahrawi demonstrators who have been claiming since April 1, the lifting of the blockade imposed on the Tindouf camps by orders of generals of the Algerian army.

The Polisario has deployed its heavy artillery to dislodge the vehicles of the demonstrators who blocked the road crossing the Rabouni camp, which houses the headquarters of the separatist front, as revealed by several videos posted on social networks.

According to testimonies on social networks, several demonstrators, claiming freedom of speech and movement, were seriously injured after they were hit by Polisario military vehicles.

Since the beginning of April, Polisario leaders have restricted exit permits to vehicles and people from the Tindouf camps, because of the uprising in Algeria.

The blockade imposed on the camps is making the situation worse for the inhabitants, who mostly survive on fuel trafficking and trade of other goods of contraband, as the international humanitarian aid is dwindling.

The Sahrawi demonstrators seem determined to carry on their protest movement, especially that they see no glimpse of hope with the Polisario’s repeated diplomatic failures and the separatists’ obstruction of any political settlement of the Sahara conflict.