Guelmim hosts first international forum of African women

The first edition of the International Forum of African Women, was held Sunday in Guelmim, southern Morocco, under the theme “Challenges of Economic and Social Development”.

The African Force for Solidarity and Development NGO (FASED Morocco) was the guest of honor of the event that offered the opportunity to discuss many issues of concern to African women.

Participants discussed the role of women in the economic and social development of the continent, as well as ways of improving the status of women. Participants hailed the efforts made by Morocco in this connection underlining that the Moroccan experience stands out as a model in Africa.

The president and founder of the FASED, Stephane Gnako, stressed that African countries are taking inspiration from the Moroccan model in the field of the promotion of the status of women, calling on all stakeholders to share the experience of the Kingdom in this field.

The choice of Guelmim to host this event is not fortuitous, knowing that the city is considered the door of the Sahara and a gateway to the countries of the Sahel and sub-Saharan Africa.