Adelante opposition bloc: José Ignacio García trapped by the Polisario

Some members of the Spanish opposition Adelante bloc will be prosecuted by Spanish, European and international justice for defamation and anti-Semitism against André Azoulay.

The opposition coalition of far-leftist parties, created in 2018 and led by Podemos, criticized the awarding of the Andalusian medal of Solidarity & Concord to André Azoulay, who is of Jewish faith.

In a press release relayed by Iberian media, the bloc described the adviser to King Mohammed VI as “a banker involved in the North African country’s plans to plunder the natural resources of Western Sahara,” claimed José Ignacio García, the deputy spokesman of the parliamentary group Adelante Andalucía.

Once again, the Polisario is at the origin of the anger and José Ignacio García does not hesitate to mention it.

André Azoulay is the President of the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation. Since its launch, the institution has worked to promote dialogue, peace and coexistence between the peoples of the Mediterranean basin.