Urgent: a Moroccan gendarme and and a Moroccan plumber cowardly stabbed till death in the Gdim Izik camp

Confrontations between the Moroccan order forces and the young crooks in Gdim Izik camp in Laayoune, have ended with a first toll of 2 dead and 70 injured people.
A Moroccan gendarme and a Moroccan plumber have been killed on Monday morning and almost 70 elements from the order forces have been injured, four among them seriously hurt and four other civil persons injured, this is the temporary outcome of these confrontations which have happened between the order forces and the outlaw who tried to prevent them from entering the camp. Some persons armed with large knives and cudgels have violently reacted to the intervention of the order forces using Molotov cocktail and gaz bonbonnes.
Following the complain made by many families whose claims were satisfied and therefore wanted to leave the camp but have been prevented from doing so by force by a horde of criminals, the Royal Gendarmerie units and non combatant services have received the order to intervene in the camp so as to establish order and guarantee the security of women, children and old people.

It is during this intervention which did not last more than one hour, that two victims were cowardly stabbed in the back by the furious criminals.
The intervention of the Moroccan order forces has also ended with the arrest of 65 crooks and the seizure of a great quantity of knives and incendiary bottles ready for use.
According to legal investigation elements, troublemakers are either delinquents undermining  common rights or ex-prisoners having been sentenced following their involvement in druggs traffic affairs, smuggling or illegal immigration.
According to the statements made on the scene, the Royal Gendarmerie units and the non-combatant services received  the order to intervene only when all the ways to dialog, with the young troublemakers  so as to appease the inacceptable  situation as regard the law and to free the access to the camp,  were closed A legal investigation has started and the persons arrested will be brought before the court to be accountable for their deeds.