Moroccan Sahara: US Recognition Is Part of Logic of Solving A Conflict that Threatens Regional Stability – Ambassador

Brussels – The US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara is part of a logic aimed at solving a conflict that threatens regional stability and blocks partnership with Europe, said Morocco’s ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, Mohamed Ameur.

In an Op-ed published by Belgian weekly “Knack”, the Moroccan diplomat explained that the decision of the United States of America and its support for the Moroccan autonomy proposal is part of a logic aimed at seeking solutions and breaking with a status quo that keeps tension in a region that is already facing multiple threats.

The diplomat recalled the genesis of this artificial conflict, including the role of Algeria, and highlighted the peace efforts made by Morocco.

Resolving this conflict on a realistic, fair and compromise basis is now the only prospect for building a united Maghreb. The Moroccan initiative for autonomy is a fair prospect that can put an end to a conflict that has lasted too long, Ameur said.

“In the world we live in today, a conflict of any kind should be resolved through negotiation and compromise,” he added.

Referring to the peaceful intervention of the Royal Armed Forces in the El Guerguarat crossing at the border with Mauritania, the diplomat wrote that the polisario, supported by Algeria, declared the end of the ceasefire and, since then, it does not stop spreading propaganda on social networks of an imaginary war that neither the United Nations nor the international community has witnessed.

“Intransigence and extremist positions benefit only the conflict instigators and warmongers,” Ameur concluded.