French-Moroccans Call on France to Recognize Morocco’s Sovereignty Over its Southern Provinces

French-Moroccans have called on France, in an initiative promoting unity, to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces.

“We ask with confidence, with faith, with hope France to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara”, say these French-Moroccans in a letter, through which the first signatories wish to be the actors of the territorial unity of Morocco and of the unity of views between Morocco and France.

“It’s because it’s right, it’s legitimate, and it’s the way of the future,” reads the letter, signed by Moustapha Hadji and Ahmed Ghayet, joined by some twenty French-Moroccans from various backgrounds.

“We are an opportunity, we are an asset, we are a bridge: rich in dual culture, positive diversity (…) from both sides of the Mediterranean, we are bearers of mixed values, innovative perspectives, hope…of Peace!” they emphasize in the letter.

“We love France and we love Morocco, we are the fruits of a human, geographical, historical mix and we want to put it at the service of both countries,” they stress.

They also express their willingness to ensure that France – which has always found Morocco at its side when it has needed it, as history shows – takes the step so long awaited.

“Our position allows us -without betraying or denying anything of what we are- to carry out this positive, constructive, innovative step”, they say.