Tourism Revived in Dakhla Faster than Famous National and International Destinations

Tourism has revived in the city of Dakhla faster than famous national and international destinations, stressed Saturday minister of Tourism, Handicraft, Air Transport and Social Economy, Nadia Fettah Alaoui.

At the opening of a meeting with professionals of the tourism and handicrafts sector in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, Fettah Alaoui said that the city has been able to maintain its tourism activities despite the constraints related to the Covid-19 pandemic, a crisis that has had a negative impact on the tourism sector worldwide.

“The current special circumstances call on us to seize the opportunities available, in a partnership and synergy guided by the spirit of patriotism and general interest, “added the minister.

She noted that the ability of the tourist economy to get out of the current situation and overcome this crisis remains dependent on cooperation and involvement of various stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of “the values of solidarity and mutual assistance” that unite the Moroccans in the face of crises.

Fettah Alaoui also said that the exit from the current crisis requires a return of confidence and improvement of competitiveness and strengthening the attractiveness of the region, as part of a coordination and partnership with the Regional Council of Tourism (CRT) and the Moroccan National Office of Tourism (ONMT), in order to promote the destination Dakhla and attract Moroccan tourists in the months to come.

In this regard, she called on local actors, including local authorities, elected officials and professionals, to work together to combine efforts to overcome all the constraints and difficulties facing the sectors of tourism, handicrafts, air transport and the social economy of the region in this critical period.