French Daily Highlights Dakhla’s Assets as ‘Eden’ for Nature-Loving Travelers

Located on a peninsula stretching between the Atlantic Ocean and the lagoon on the edge of the Sahara, the city of Dakhla is a ” secret Eden” nestled between the ocean and the desert and “a refuge for nature-loving travelers,” writes French daily Le Figaro. “Enjoying a regular wind blowing from the North, North-East, shallow waters, calm as a lake, offering good temperatures all year round… Made for kitesurfing, the lagoon is the ideal spot to learn how to fly over water,” notes the newspaper in its “Travel” section. For visitors who are not inspired by “the dance of multicolored sails twirling in the sky,” “other nautical escapades are within reach such as catamaran rides, windsurfing, Stand up paddle (SUP), deep-sea fishing or surfing on the ocean side, on the spots of Lassarga and Aarish,” according to the same source. The newspaper also refers to another attraction of the city: oysters. With an annual production of nearly 400 tonnes, the region is “the Moroccan epicenter of oyster farming,” it says. “To exhaust the pleasures of water, one would almost forget that we are in the heart of the Sahara,” observes the newspaper, adding that “a trip in a Four-wheel drive would take you into the heart of the desert” amidst canyons and cliffs, acacia-strewn savannas or talcum powdery dunes. As we travel through these varied landscapes, we are delighted by the traces of life, as in the Sabkha of Imlili where dozens of holes of salty and colored water attract fish but also reptiles, birds or small mammals, according to the publication.