Moroccan Sahara: No political Process Is Possible ‘Without Effective Participation of Algeria’ – Italian Media Outlets

Italian media outlets deemed Thursday that “no political process is possible for the settlement of the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara without the effective and constructive participation of Algeria.” “Through resolution 2548, the UN Security Council has placed the dispute over the Sahara in its appropriate regional context by emphasizing the status of Algeria as an actor and party to this conflict, which explains the imperative of the involvement of this country in the political process related to this issue,” according to Italian newssite “Notizie Nazionali.” The resolution of the Security Council enshrines once again the role of Algeria as a principal party, the media outlet added, recalling that this country was cited at least five times in this resolution adopted in October 2020. “Italia Telegraph” noted that the Security Council calls on Algeria to play a role that equals its political, diplomatic and military activism, in this regional conflict. “No political process is possible without the real and constructive involvement of this country,” the website stated. Italian media outlets also highlighted the commitment of the Security Council to a “realistic, pragmatic and sustainable political solution,” saying that the Council’s approach stems from its commitment to a political solution and the definitive exclusion of all unworkable solutions. The UN resolution makes no mention of the referendum, while it refers six times to a political solution. The media outlets also echoed the statements by Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad Nasser Bourita, according to whom, the settlement of the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara remains dependent on a dialogue between the two real parties, Morocco and Algeria. In that regard, news site “La Presse” noted that Bourita pointed out said, at the inauguration of Senegal’s consulate general in Dakhla, that “a solution to the conflict will be found when the two real parties come together at the table.” Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, adopts the diplomacy of clarity, because it considers that the contradiction between acts and words discredits diplomatic action, and the production of deceit will not help move the issue forward,” the minister was quoted as saying by “Almanews 24.” According to “InsiderTrend,” Bourita stressed that “now is not the time for maneuvers. Now is the time for serious action if the stability of the region interests Algeria as much as Morocco.”