Italy, EU Are Called Upon to Follow Dynamics in Moroccan Sahara Issue (Portal)

Italy and the European Union (EU) are called upon to follow the ongoing dynamics in the Moroccan Sahara issue, writes the Italian news portal “Meridianoitalia”. “It is important that Italy and the EU fully support the autonomy plan,” says the Italian portal, recalling the opening by several countries of consulates in the Moroccan cities of Dakhla and Laayoune. European countries should move from an attitude of “comfort” to that of “commitment” in this new dynamic to accelerate the process to end this regional conflict, notes the e-publication, because the solution to this problem will consolidate the economic and social recovery. Meridianoitalia stresses that the Moroccan autonomy initiative, a democratic and modern option in line with international legality, is an excellent basis for achieving a political solution to this conflict. It is an initiative that aims to build a better future for the population of the region, insofar as the Kingdom guarantees all Sahrawis their dignity and full involvement in the management of their local affairs through various bodies and democratically elected institutions, the same source adds. They will have financial resources necessary to develop the region in all areas and contribute effectively to the economic, social and cultural life of the Kingdom, the Italian portal notes. It adds that the recent opening by the United States of a consulate in the Moroccan Sahara and the re-establishment of relations with Israel testify to the importance of the dynamics underway in the Kingdom, which would benefit greatly from a supportive policy on the part of the EU and especially Italy.