Polisario Receives Virtually No International Support

Madrid – The separatists of the Polisario are going through “delicate times” and enjoy virtually “no international support”, underlined the Spanish magazine specializing in Maghreb affairs, “Atalayar”. The hospitalization of the leader of the separatists in Spain under a false identity and with forged papers to escape Spanish justice comes “at a difficult time” for the Polisario, a separatist organization which “has virtually no international support”, underlined the Spanish magazine on Saturday. In addition, the fake “SADR” is not recognized by Spain or the international community, the publication noted, emphasizing Morocco’s diplomatic victories on the Sahara issue. “Morocco offers a solution of territorial autonomy for the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty, a proposal which enjoys more support on the international scene”, wrote the author of the article, noting that the recognition by the United States of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara was a turning point in this artificial conflict. In addition, in recognition of the pertinence of Morocco’s position, several countries have opened consulates general in cities in the southern provinces of Morocco such as Dakhla and Laâyoune, added “Atalayar”. “These facts gave a very favorable impetus to the Kingdom of Morocco”, the Spanish magazine pointed out.