Security Council Receives Letter Sent by ‘Sahrawi Movement for Peace’ to UNSG

The UN Security Council has just received the letter sent on April 19 to the UN Secretary-General by the Movement “Sahrawis for Peace” (MSP) about the violations of the cease-fire in the Sahara by the polisario.


In this unprecedented letter to the Security Council, the opposition movement to the polisario expresses its “concern about the risks that are looming in the region following the unilateral breach by the polisario of the ceasefire established since 1991.”


“We are concerned that such developments and the stubbornness of the Polisario in continuing to ignore the ceasefire may once again place our region on the brink of the abyss,” said Hach Ahmed, First Secretary of the MSP, in this letter forwarded to the President of the Security Council by the Permanent Representative of Guinea Bissau to the UN, and distributed to the fifteen members of the Council.


This letter will be published as an official document and recorded in the official records of the Security Council. The Movement “Sahrawis for Peace” draws attention to the fact that the “headlong rush” of the polisario separatists has no other explanation than “the absence of a political and lasting solution that would put an end to the suffering of the Sahrawi population in the camps of Tindouf and allow the hoped-for reconciliation.” “It is more than ever urgent for the international community to make a firm commitment to advance the political process to achieve, as soon as possible, a just and lasting solution, in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council,” according to Hach Ahmed, who is the brother of the former representative of the polisario in New York, Bukhari Ahmed, who died in 2018.


“At this crucial moment, we call on all parties to show the utmost restraint to encourage the immediate resumption of the political process and ensure an atmosphere conducive to dialogue,” he added. While calling on the international community to support efforts to appoint a new Personal Envoy to the Sahara, Hach Ahmed urged “all parties to join the positive momentum” that the UN Secretary-General is trying to instill in the process. “Be assured (…) that we will spare no effort to raise awareness of the international community on the need to support the sustained efforts” of the UN Secretary-General for the resumption of the political process, concluded the First Secretary of the MSP, which advocates and supports a political solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue through the political process conducted under the auspices of the United Nations, rather than through the buried backward positions of the polisario and Algeria.


The blockade imposed on the Tindouf camps by Algeria and the “polisario” armed militias has failed to stifle the authentic and legitimate voices of the Sahrawis in these camps, who are opposed to the oligarchic dictatorship of the polisario and who are eager for peace and reconciliation. The voices opposing the polisario are now being heard at the highest levels of the UN.