Moroccan Aid to Palestinians: Noble Action Testifying to Morocco’s Constant Solidarity with Palestine – Spanish Expert –

The decision of HM King Mohammed VI to send emergency humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people is a “noble action” that reflects, once again, the solidarity that Morocco has always shown in favor of Palestine and the Palestinians, stressed, Monday, the Spanish expert Miguel Angel Puyol. A committed country and faithful to its traditions, Morocco has always supported the Palestinian cause and made the concerns of the Palestinian people a priority in its foreign policy, noted Puyol in a statement to MAP. “Moroccans and Palestinians are two brotherly peoples. In this sense, Morocco has never spared any effort to help Palestine on all levels, political, humanitarian, logistical and economic,” said the Spanish expert, recalling that Morocco is the first defender of the Palestinian cause in international forums. Morocco’s commitment to Palestine is unquestionable, he said, noting that HM King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, has consistently supported and defended the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and is endeavoring for the two-state solution.