CSMD Report Offers Vision of Morocco of Tomorrow – Official –

The general report prepared by the Ad-hoc Committee for the Development Model (CSMD) is based on the identity and the millenary history of Morocco and offers a vision of the Morocco of tomorrow, said, Wednesday in Rabat, president of the CSMD, Chakib Benmoussa. In a statement on the sidelines of a press conference devoted to the presentation of the report on the new development model, Benmoussa said that the document is based primarily on the values of openness and dialogue that characterize the Kingdom, which allows the Moroccan citizen to enjoy a renewed citizen identity. The report sets the steps of a new march towards the expected objectives and defines the strategic choices, as it evokes the mechanisms of monitoring and mobilization of all stakeholders and all citizens, he stressed. Benmoussa expressed on behalf of the members of the CSMD his gratitude to HM King Mohammed VI, for having granted them the opportunity to contribute to this important project in the march of development of the Kingdom, noting that the philosophy behind this report, as mentioned in all the documents of the Committee, is to release energies and restore confidence to accelerate the pace of progress and welfare of all. This vision aims to achieve equity by allowing all citizens to strengthen their capabilities and their spirit of initiative and innovation and improve their living conditions, in addition to creating a climate of trust in the context of collective responsibility, he added. It is also to pave the way for deep reforms in the management of state services to empower everyone about the importance of participation in the march of development, he said.