Spanish Judiciary Initiate Proceedings against Man Named Brahim Ghali for Forgery and Counterfeiting

The investigating court number 3 of Logroño has initiated preliminary proceedings against the leader of the Polisario militias, the man named Brahim Ghali, for falsifying a travel document with which he was able to enter the Spanish territory on April 18. This decision was taken following a complaint filed by the union of Spanish civil servants Manos Limpias, sources from the complainant party said on Wednesday. “The facts as presented contain clues which show the presumed existence of an offense of falsifying a public document”, said the judge in his decision. In this case, the judge said that “it is necessary to initiate a preliminary procedure” against the man named Brahim Ghali. The separatists’ leader was admitted on April 18 to San Pedro de Logroño hospital under the false Algerian identity of a certain Mohamed Benbatouch. The Spanish media outlets have also reported the existence of other documents, especially of a medical nature, in which the leader of the Polisario separatists was presented under the name of Mohamed Abdellah.