Sahara-autonomy plan : General Assembly in favour of the negotiations process

The Western Sahara issue was once again on Monday 10 October, in the agenda of the UN General Assembly. And once again, the fourth AG commission has adopted a project of resolution in favour of continuing the process of negotiations. This process led under the UN aegis, aiming to “reach a fair, sustainable and mutually acceptable political solution” to the conflict around the Western Sahara region.
The text underlines once again the positive impact of the developments that have happened since 2006 in this issue. An agreement which refers to the Moroccan autonomy plan,  at the origin of the present process of negotiations to put an end to the disagreement around the Western Sahara region. The European Union, while announcing its “total support” to the efforts of the UN Secretary General in this context, declared to be worried by the “implications” of this conflict on the regional security. On their side, many African countries have underlined the pertinence of the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco. They have specially called for a quick settlement of this regional conflict opposing Morocco to the Polisario Front for independence, hosted and financed by Algeria.

Nevertheless, the representative of Morocco at the UN has insisted on congratulating Algeria for its contribution to the success of the program with a large humanitarian dimension in favour of the Sahrawi population. It concerns the resuming of the exchange of visits between the members of the same families separated on the one and the other side of the Algero-Moroccan frontiers. The Moroccan diplomat has expressed his hope that Algeria observes the same favorable dispositions by authorizing the census of the Sahrawi population in Tindouf camps. The camps which are located on the Algerian territory. It is this census which would reveal the “real dimension” of the regional conflict on the Sahara. He has finally assured that a solution of winner-winner based on sincere negotiations is “the only possible solution because it is the only viable one”.