Polisario elements, in connivance with Al-Qaida, thwarted in Mauritania

The Mauritanian army has once again brought hardship on Al Qaida network in the Islamic Maghreb existing in the Sahel band and which fighters enter, from time to time, the Mauritanian territory. Among the fourteen elements arrested, reports a web site based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, are a dozen of men from the Polisario armed militia. According to the Congolese information site “le Potentiel”, the arrested persons are suspected by the Mauritanian investigators of being in connivance with AQMI and the drug tycoons who are very active in the region.
In an article entitled: “struggle against terrorism: Polisario elements arrested in Mauritania”, “le Potentiel” specifies that “these arrests have happened during a campaign led inside the drug traffic milieu in the regions of Kalamane and Arkchache”.
According to Mauritanian authorities, mentioned by « le Potentiel », Polisario members arrested « are suspected of connivance with Al Qaida and the drug traffic milieu in the region, to which they would have provided information in relation with the transfer of the Mauritanian army”.

According to the Congolese web site, the arrested persons are identified by the Mauritanian investigators such as : Ibrahim Ben Aissa, Salek Ben Sidati, Ramadan Ben Saleh, Hamadi Ben Ramadan, El Mourtajni Ben Yeb, Moulay OUld El Hassan, Cheikh Ben Cheikh, Ahmed Ben Mohamed, Mohamed Ould Aala, El Khalil Ben Mohamed, Ddiah Ould Ezribii, Abd El Baraka Ben Hamoud, Mohamed Ould Aslam et El Hassane Ben Mohammed Baba.
”These arrests confirm once again the confirmed collusions between the Polisario and the traffic and organized crime milieu in the region of the Sahel », has concluded the Congolese publication. This haul is to be added to the list of honors of the Mauritanian army, which despite of its modest human and material means, continues tracking with great courage all the outlaws living in the Sahelian no man’s land.