AU Commissioner Commends Interest Shown by HM the King to Migration Issue

The interest shown by HM King Mohammed VI to the issue of migration makes it possible to make it a factor for the development of African countries states and host countries, said, Monday in Addis Ababa, the Commissioner for Social Affairs of the African Union Commission, Amira El Fadil. “The interest of His Majesty the King to the issue of migration and the role played by the Sovereign as Leader of the African Union on this issue on behalf of the African Continent allow His Majesty the King, Morocco and the African Union Commission to achieve a sustainable treatment that makes the issue of migration a factor contributing to development in African States and in host countries”, El Fadil told reporters following talks at the AU headquarters with the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the African Union and UNECA, Mohamed Arrouchi. Morocco has an important role to play in dealing with the migration issue, particularly in terms of protecting the rights of legal African migrants, established in European countries, as well as at the level of the African Migration Observatory through studies and research on migration issues at the African level, she pointed out. Morocco can offer solutions to the problem of illegal immigration, which has become a priority issue at the African level, the African official stressed. “Morocco can offer solutions to migration problems that can contribute to the development of the Continent,” said the AU Commissioner. During this meeting, El Fadil and the Moroccan diplomat discussed the role of the African Migration Observatory which was opened a few months ago in Rabat at the initiative of HM King Mohammed VI, Leader of the African Union on the issue of Migration. The two sides also reviewed the role played by the Kingdom in managing migration issues in the African continent.