Speaker of the House of Assembly of Saint Lucia Welcomes Humane Nature of Morocco’s New Migration Policy

Speaker of the House of Assembly of Saint Lucia, Andy G. Daniel, has welcomed the humane nature and the voluntarist character of the New Migration policy of the Kingdom of Morocco launched in 2013 and its laudable efforts at the international arena. “The House of Assembly of Saint Lucia commends the New Migration Policy (NMP) elaborated in 2013, under the wise leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, which constitutes a comprehensive development framework to address the complex and inter-related issues of irregular migrants, refugees, and human trafficking, based on values of solidarity, welcome and respect for rights migrants,” Daniel points out in a statement. Significantly, the NPM has offered irregular migrants a path toward legal residency and the resulting access to social and employment services, health care, and subsidized housing on a par with Moroccan citizens, he explains. “The Rabat Process calls for promoting coherent and efficient management of migratory flows, giving priority to the humanitarian dimension and establishing a permanent political dialogue between the various actors and stakeholders,” he underlines. “All these efforts show, if need be, the credibility and diligence with which the Moroccan authorities deal with this humane issue.” “Because of its strategic geographical location Morocco serves as a bridge between Africa and Europe. The two sides have closely cooperated towards a safe, orderly and regular migration,” Daniel stresses. “In my capacity as speaker of the House of Assembly of Saint Lucia, I support actively this dialogue and note the diligence, the seriousness, and credibility of the Moroccan Partner in all these processes defined by the active foreign policy of the Kingdom led by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI and successfully implemented by Minister Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs.” The House of Assembly of Saint Lucia notes particularly the year 2018 which was particularly rich for Morocco on migration and asylum issues, he says, recalling that Morocco has co-chaired with Germany the Global Forum for Migration and Development, and hosted the 11th session of this Forum between 5 and 7 December 2018, in Marrakech. “Morocco is a major actor in regional discussions of migration, playing a central role in creating the Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development (also known as the Rabat Process) that was established in 2006,” the official points out.