Nizar Baraka, Guest of MAP Forum Next Tuesday

Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party, Nizar Baraka, will be, on Tuesday 06 July, the guest of the Moroccan New Agency (MAP) forum, to be held under the theme “the Istiqlal Party facing the challenges of the national political and partisan landscape”. This meeting, which will take place at the headquarters of MAP in Rabat starting 9 a.m., will be an opportunity to discuss several issues in politics related to the general elections scheduled for 2021 in Morocco. The forum will be broadcast live on MAP TV channel M24 and the Agency’s radio station RIM-Radio, as well as via MAP-Live, on the website of the Moroccan New Agency “” and its Facebook account. This meeting will be held in strict compliance with the preventive measures against covid-19. MAP forum is a platform for debate on current political, economic, cultural and social issues. Representatives of public authorities and personalities from various backgrounds as well as media representatives are invited to take part in this gathering.