Covid-19: Project to Fill-finish Manufacturing of Vaccine in Morocco, Major Scientific and Industrial Achievement – ICESCO –

The launch of the project to fill-finish manufacturing of anti-Covid19 vaccine in Morocco represents a major scientific and industrial achievement, the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) said Tuesday. In a statement, the Organization called on member States to cooperate and stand together to achieve health security and sovereignty in this strategic area for the benefit of the peoples of the Islamic world. The project, whose launching ceremony and signing of related agreements was chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on Monday in Fez, will achieve self-sufficiency, strengthen health security in this field and position the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry of the Kingdom at the forefront of the African continent and the world, the same source said. Within the framework of the Royal Vision of Solidarity, the countries of the African continent and sister States will benefit from this project, especially since the Covid crisis has revealed strong inequalities between countries in terms of access to vaccines, drugs, masks and disinfection tools in the context of the “vaccine war”, added ICESCO, which congratulated Morocco for this project. This project aims to start in the short term with a production capacity of 5 million doses of anti-Covid19 vaccine per month, before gradually increasing this capacity in the medium term by mobilizing an overall investment of about 500 million dollars, the same source noted. In the context of a global epidemic crisis caused by the new coronavirus, which has heavily impacted the fields of education, culture, science and other vital sectors, this pioneering Royal Initiative gives hope to face crises in a positive way and to take advantage of them to make gains and bring about the necessary transformations, concluded ICESCO.