Lower House Adopts Framework Bill on Tax Reform

The House of Representatives (lower house) on Thursday unanimously approved, in a plenary session, the framework bill n° 69-19 relating to tax reform. The text seeks to define the frame of reference for the State’s tax reform policy. This framework bill aims to reform the national tax system through the identification of its components, principles, objectives and application mechanisms, while setting out the accompanying measures for its gradual implementation in accordance with specific national priorities. The framework bill corrects the dysfunctions of the tax system which hinder the achievement of its incentive objectives, the redistribution of incomes, the revitalization of the economic development model, the improvement of its capacity in terms of social inclusion, in addition to support for environmental sustainability requirements. It is also intended to achieve tax fairness, ensure equality for all before tax and strengthen rights and mutual trust between taxpayers and the administration. It is also about mobilizing the fiscal potential to finance public policies, reforming the tax system of local authorities, as well as strengthening effective and efficient governance.