Moroccan Model under HM the King’s Leadership in Fighting Covid19 Highlighted in Vienna

The Moroccan model, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, in managing the health crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic, was highlighted on Tuesday in Vienna, on the occasion of the 49th session of the Development Board of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Speaking under item 7 on Covid-19, Morocco’s Permanent Representative in Vienna, ambassador Azzeddine Farhane, highlighted the proactive approach of the Kingdom in the fight against the pandemic, noting that “the response of the Kingdom to the Covid-19 crisis has been exceptionally effective”. “Morocco has reacted swiftly and effectively to contain the spread of the pandemic,” he added, stressing the relevance of the unprecedented approach adopted by the Kingdom to “protect the economy, reduce the negative social impact on the population and limit the loss of human life”. At the same time, he said, a comprehensive package of measures was rapidly planned and deployed, noting that the health system was made more robust and flexible, while measures were put in place to support the economy and livelihoods. Recalling that HM King Mohammed VI had ordered the creation of a special fund to help manage the coronavirus pandemic, Farhane also reviewed a series of measures taken to effectively fight the virus, citing among others the massive production and distribution of masks and the fruitful collaboration between the private and public sectors to increase the production of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. On the economic front, a major effort has been made, and the creation of a committee to monitor the economic impact of the pandemic has been beneficial, he stressed.