Royal Initiative To Send Emergency Medical Aid To Tunisia Reflects Lofty Human Spirit of HM the King – Head of Govt. –

The Royal Initiative to send emergency medical aid to Tunisia, to support this Maghreb country in facing the Covid-19 pandemic, reflects the lofty human spirit of HM King Mohammed VI, Head of Government Saad Dine El Otmani said on Thursday. “This high royal initiative reflects the lofty human spirit of HM the King, the depth of relations between the Moroccan and Tunisian peoples, and the values ​​of solidarity and support of Morocco towards its brothers wherever they are”, underlined El Otmani at the opening of the cabinet meeting, held by videoconference. Welcoming this initiative aimed at supporting the Tunisian Republic in the difficult circumstances it is going through due to the evolution of the epidemiological situation in this Maghreb country, the Head of Government recalled that the Sovereign had taken the initiative, at the beginning of the pandemic, to support several African countries through medical aid, which had a great impact on their population, in addition to HM the King’s initiative to send medical aid and equipment to Palestine. HM King Mohammed VI gave, on Tuesday, His Very High Instructions for sending emergency medical aid to Tunisia. The medical aid consists of two complete and autonomous intensive care units, with a total capacity of 100 beds. It also includes 100 respirators and two oxygen generators with a capacity of 33 m3 per hour each.