Investment Commission: Approved Projects Reflect Attractiveness of National Economy – Head of Government –

The projects approved by the Investment Commission at its meeting held, on Friday in Rabat, reflect the attractiveness of the national economy thanks to the major reforms undertaken by the government, said Head of government Saad Dine El Otmani. El Otmani, who chaired the 80th meeting of the Commission, stressed that the projects submitted to this body reflect the attractiveness of the national economy thanks to the major reforms undertaken by the government and the positive image of the Kingdom domestically and internationally, a result of its singular approach in the management of the crisis, said a press release from the Department of the Head of Government. They also show the attachment of private investors to the implementation of their projects and their desire to resume their investment activities, he said, noting that these projects, given that the volume of investments allocated and the number of jobs to be created, are “very encouraging” amid the pandemic situation facing Morocco and the various countries of the world. El Otmani specified, in this regard, that in 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, a number of new investment agreements have been signed, for an amount of nearly 34.68 billion dirhams, and will allow the creation of 18,000 direct and indirect jobs, considering that these figures demonstrate the strengthening of Morocco’s attractiveness thanks to the reforms carried out to improve the business climate and the implementation of the reform of the investment spurring system regionally, which was enforced at the end of 2019. The Head of Government recalled that the Investment Commission approved, during the period 2015-2019, significant strategic investments in the sectors of industry, energy, food industry and tourism, through 114 investment agreements with a total value of nearly 334 billion dirhams, allowing the creation of 39,305 direct jobs.