Throne Speech Sounds Like a ‘Message of Reason’ to Algeria – Chilean Media Outlet –

The 2021 Throne Speech sounds like “a message of reason” so that Morocco and Algeria can achieve the “collective security” imposed by geography and history that the two countries have in common, underlines Chilean news website El Periodista. The Chilean media stressed that this “sentence uttered by the sovereign will resonate intensely: ‘I believe that the security and stability of Algeria and the tranquility of its people are inseparable from the security and stability of Morocco, and vice versa: what affects Morocco will also affect Algeria, for the two countries are like one and the same body.” The author of the article notes that “the hand that the Sovereign generously extended to the Algerian regime is perhaps nothing new, the King of Morocco had already had the opportunity on several occasions to express the need to overcome the challenges and misunderstandings between the two countries to serve the interests of the two peoples. This has always been his conviction since his accession to the Throne, the author points out. “But today, notes the Chilean media outlet, HM Mohammed VI formulates this essential reconciliation with arguments which resonate both in the mind and in the intelligences and which also conquer the hearts”. The royal call for an unconditional reopening of the borders – whose initial reasons for closing no longer apply in our time – “comes at a time when the political and media escalation between the two countries – instrumentalized by powerful third countries, has reached a dangerous peak,” notes El Periodista. The Chilean news website stresses that in his speech, the Sovereign underlined that “this has been a difficult situation for all of us” and this is why “everyone should continue to be vigilant and comply with the instructions issued by the public authorities in this regard.” The Chilean news website underlined in this context that “health sovereignty was an essential component of the strategic security” of Morocco which has just launched a pioneering project to manufacture vaccines, drugs and essential medical equipment for the country and its regional environment.