Elections of Professional Chambers: Turnout at 47.24 pc – Interior Minister –

The turnout in the elections to professional chambers, organized on Friday throughout the national territory, reached 47.24 pc, against 43 pc in 2015, announced the Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit. “These elections were marked by the participation of 882,736 voters, that is 47.24% of the professional electorate, against 43% in 2015”, said the minister in a statement to the press, in the presence of the Minister Delegate for the Interior Noureddine Boutayeb. The Minister specified that the elections to the Chambers of Fisheries stood out in terms of the turnout with 61.65%. In preparation for these elections, the professional electoral lists were the subject of an exceptional revision operation which led to a professional electoral body of 1,866,790 voters, an increase of 6,34% compared to the 2015 poll, he said. A total of 7,178 polling stations were set up, including 5,179 for the elections of the Chambers of Agriculture, 982 for the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services, 912 for the Chambers of Crafts and 105 for the Chambers of fisheries, with the aim of receiving the votes of voters, taking into account their geographical distribution as well as that of professional activities, starting from the concern to bring the ballot boxes closer to professionals so that they can exercise their right to vote in the best conditions. In order to supervise the voting operation in the most appropriate way, 43,068 people were mobilized for the missions of presidents of the polling stations, the participation in their training or the contribution to their management.