Elections 2021: Training Sessions To Build Capacities of Female Candidates

Training sessions for building the capacities of female candidates for the 2021 elections will be launched on Thursday by the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and Family, in partnership with UN Women Morocco. These sessions, scheduled on August 12 to 31 for the benefit of 600 female candidates in the next elections, take place in application of the measures included in the third outline of the government plan for equality “Ikram2” relating to the promotion of female participation in decision-making, said the organizers in a statement. They aim to promote the active participation of women in the elections scheduled for September 8, 2021, through training focused on areas related to the electoral process, the promotion of good practices in communication, political leadership and enhancement of a climate conducive to gender equality in the political sphere, it said. The training touches in particular on political communication, women’s leadership, legal aspects related to elections and legal reforms relating to the participation and representation of women in elected bodies, at the national and local levels.