PAM Electoral Program Aspires that All Moroccans Benefit from Development Outcome – SG –

The electoral program of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) for the legislative, regional and communal elections of September 8 aims to build an economy at the service of society by ensuring that all Moroccans benefit from the outcome of development, said Monday in Rabat, secretary general of the party, Abdellatif Ouahbi. Speaking at a press conference devoted to the presentation of the national electoral program of PAM, Ouahbi said that the fundamental and central principle of this program is to establish an economy that is at the service of society and allows all Moroccans to enjoy the outcome of development and progress. The main objective of the program is to achieve social and cultural progress for all Moroccans, by ensuring an equitable distribution of the results of the “development effort”, to which all citizens contribute, he explained. Ouahbi also noted that economic growth is not considered an end in itself, but rather as an essential means to strengthen the social integration of citizens and help them achieve their autonomy and prosperity. PAM SG also noted that the electoral program of his party is fully in line with the new development model and presents to Moroccans its vision to implement the major objectives of this project, in addition to its contribution to the achievement of the expected reform.