Algeria’s Unilateral Decision Is Opposite to Good Neighborliness Practices – Gabonese MP –

The deputy of the National Assembly of Gabon Germain Biahodjow deeply regretted the unilateral decision of Algeria to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco, adding that this “decision seems to be at odds with the practices of good neighborliness and the desired African integration.” “My position as a Gabonese parliamentarian requires me to express deep regret at the unilateral decision of Algeria to sever diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco,” said the MP following Algeria’s decision, noting that the unilateral severance of diplomatic relations “has never been a solution to settle bilateral problems.” Recalling that land borders between the two countries remain closed since 1994, Biahodjow welcomed Morocco’ reaction which reiterated that “the Kingdom of Morocco will remain a credible and loyal partner for the Algerian people and will continue to act, with wisdom and responsibility, for the development of healthy and fruitful inter-Maghreb relations.” The Gabonese deputy highlighted Morocco’s willingness to have a dialogue with Algeria, as it spares no effort to reach out to Algeria in any process of settlement of their bilateral problems.” “Examples of this Morocco’s willingness to have a dialogue are numerous, including the call made by HM King Mohammed VI, in His speech on the occasion of the Throne Day in July 2021, and reflect the goodwill of the Kingdom of Morocco towards Algeria,” he recalled. Taking into account this willingness to have a dialogue and the concern to see the dynamics of African integration accelerate for the development of the continent, Biahodjow urged the highest Algerian authorities to accept the hand still extended by Morocco and resume mutually beneficial diplomatic relations, which are necessary for peace and stability in the Maghreb region. In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad stated that “Morocco regrets this completely unjustified but expected decision – in view of the logic of escalation noted in recent weeks – as well as its impact on the Algerian people.