Elections 2021: Action Party Favors Contract Between Public/Private Sector

Secretary-General of the Action Party (PA) Mohamed Drissi, said that his party intends to establish a contract between the public and private sectors, particularly in the health and education sectors. In an interview with MAP, Drissi said that under this contract, the public sector can build and equip schools and hospitals and hand them over to the private sector to ensure the management following a predefined set of conditions. He explained that it should exempt the private sector from construction and equipment expenses, and the public sector from operating expenses, which are “constant and costly.” He noted that the electoral program of the party is based on several pillars among them, education for all and the fight against school dropout through the implementation of a national fund for school support to provide transportation and school supplies. Drissi also said that Morocco is facing four major challenges, as the national economy must be strengthened by reinforcing the entrepreneurial system and promoting the culture of entrepreneurship among young people.