2021 Elections: Popular Movement Banks on Promotion of Rural Areas and Consolidation of Extensive Regionalization – SG of Party –

Secretary-General of the Popular Movement (MP) Mohand Laenser, said that the party’s electoral program and its major objectives focus on the promotion of rural areas, the protection of the environment, and the consolidation of extensive regionalization. The program emphasizes the development of rural areas and the protection of the environment, “particularly the issue of water, at the origin of many serious problems in some regions,” Laenser told MAP. Other programs take into account provinces’ and regions’ conditions, he added. “We focus on extensive regionalization, as each region has its specificities and will therefore be the subject of a specific program,” he said. The electoral program of the Popular Movement address several issues, including youth and employment, and women’s rights, he noted. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that several sectors need to be prioritized, including health, education and the use of new communication technologies, the secretary-general stressed. The general guidelines of the electoral program are in line with the party’s values, principles and priorities, but necessary changes were introduced as a result of Covid-19, he said. Member of the MP political bureau, Driss Sentissi stressed that the electoral campaign will be carried out in compliance with all preventive measures to ensure the protection of both citizens and candidates. The party’s electoral program focuses on several key points, including equity, education, training and scientific research, women’s rights, and Amazigh culture.