Indonesia: Mobile Consulate for Moroccan Expatriates in Bali

Morocco’s Embassy in Indonesia organized, on August 20-23, a mobile Consulate for some 30 citizens living in Bali, said, on Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad in a statement. In light of the health restrictions set by the Indonesian authorities, members of the Moroccan expatriates’ community residing in Bali were unable, since the outbreak of the pandemic, to travel to Jakarta for consular services, the Ministry noted. The Embassy decided to bring its consular services closer to Moroccans living in Bali, it added. On this occasion, the Moroccan citizens based in Bali have expressed their satisfaction at this initiative, a first of its kind since the creation of the Embassy of Morocco in Jakarta, it stressed. Following several discussions with the Moroccan community in Bali, similar operations will be organized once every six months, the Ministry concluded.