RIM Radio: Six Live Briefings to Cover Whole Day

The non-stop news radio of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP), RIM Radio, will ensure six live news briefings covering the whole day from 6 a.m. to midnight. These briefings are presented from Monday to Friday by several journalists, namely Samir Bouhatta (6 to 9 a.m.), Karima El Othmani (9 a.m. to noon), Jihane Morchid (noon to 3 p.m.), Fatima Zahra Erraji (3 to 6 p.m.), Younes Cheikh (6 to 9 p.m.) and Abdellah Kittou (9 p.m. to midnight). In addition, a special program will be presented during the weekend by the journalist Issam Greni. Experts, academics, officials, artists and writers, among many others, are invited every day on RIM Radio to participate in a debate, to comment on information, or to put a current event into perspective. The time in between these briefings is filled with thematic programs, such as “Loghatouna Al Jamila” (Our Beautiful Language) presented by Atiq Benchiguer, “Assoulouk Al Mouaten” (Citizenly Education) by Rachid Sebbahi, “Tahqiqat” (Investigations) by Abdellah Kittou, “Aouliyae Al Maghrib” (Saints of Morocco) presented by Samir Benhatta and “Hourouf wa Isdarat” (Letters and Publications) by Ghizlane Choukoud. Broadcast in Arabic on the modern and ergonomic website “www.rimradio.ma”, MAP’s radio features news, programs and pre-recorded reports (podcasts) that are both streamed and downloadable. RIM Radio also offers press reviews, columns, correspondence, and letters prepared by MAP’s various regional and international hubs. In addition to the website, RIM Radio is also available on mobile apps running on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. These apps offer the same services as the website and secure quick access to live broadcast and podcasts from the home page, as well as for the reception of notifications by topic. Music breaks, drawn from the rich repertoire of the modern Moroccan song, fill the time in between radio programs. RIM Radio, which reflects MAP’s brand image as a modern agency, aims to establish listening habits among the audience with a comprehensive, rich and varied non-stop news offer.