Libya: Argentine News Agency Commends Morocco’s Role in Maghreb Pacification

Morocco continues to deploy commendable efforts to “promote security, peacemaking, and integration of the peoples of the Maghreb”, by hosting a high-level meeting between the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Libya and the Vice President of the Libyan Presidential Council, writes Argentine news agency “Alternative Presse Agency”. This meeting between Aguila Saleh and Abdallah Hussein Al-Lafi, aims to prepare the right environment for the next elections in Libya, with the “contribution and goodwill of Moroccan diplomacy to help find a solution.” Moroccan diplomacy efforts are focused on mediating between the parties to overcome the current dispute within the Government of National Unity in Libya, led by interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeiba and the Libyan House of Representatives chaired by Aguila Saleh. According to the news agency, Morocco considers that the current difficulties that hamper the preparation of these elections can be overcome by a “will and a calm dialogue, making the interests of Libya prevail.” Morocco, it adds, can contribute to the achievement of a genuine national reconciliation between Libyans thanks to the experience accumulated by the Equity and Reconciliation Commission set up under the directives of HM King Mohammed VI. This is, according to the Argentine media, a “new success for royal diplomacy in its efforts to promote peace and integration of the Maghreb countries, despite attempts of sabotage by Algeria, which rejected the proposal of King Mohammed VI to establish a new bilateral relationship”. In addition, “Alternative Presse Agency” expressed astonishment at the fact that Algeria responds to the hand extended by Morocco by “severing relations” with Rabat, denouncing “the unsuccessful attempts of some parties to maintain their grip on the peoples of Africa and isolate Morocco internationally”.