September 8 Elections: PI Proposes a Way Out of Crisis – Nizar Baraka –

The Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party (PI), Nizar Baraka, said that his party promotes, through its electoral program for the elections of September 8, a new approach to exit the crisis. In an interview with MAP, Baraka explained that this exit from the crisis requires, among other things, the implementation of a rescue plan for sectors severely impacted by the crisis and small and medium-sized enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy, the reduction of unemployment, the increase in purchasing power, the upward revision of wages or the control of price fluctuations. It also requires the strengthening of public investment especially in sectors that create employment, or the promotion of training for young people for a rapid integration into the labor market, he added, before stressing the absolute need to adopt a territorial approach, the only way to ensure continuity of economic and social activities in these times of pandemic. He stressed the importance of taking the necessary measures in the regions that have a high demand for medical care in resuscitation services, emphasizing also the need to maintain the purchasing power of Moroccans and not to slow down economic activity in order to preserve growth and improve the living conditions of citizens. Asked about the preparations for the next elections, Baraka said that “at the end of the 17th Congress of the PI, we have developed a roadmap to enhance our political offer and defend the legitimate causes of citizens, while proposing alternatives to get out of the crisis and solve the problems posed, among others, social and territorial disparities and unemployment.”