Sept. 8 Elections Should Lay Foundations of Real Democracy – PSU SG –

Secretary General of the United Socialist party (PSU), Nabila Mounib, expressed her hope that the legislative, regional and communal elections held Wednesday across all regions of the Kingdom, can help lay the foundations of a real democracy able to moralize political action. In a statement to the press after performing her national duty in a polling station in Casablanca, Mounib said that her political party participates in these elections “in order to build a real democracy and not an electoral democracy,” calling on all voters to participate massively in this election to choose those who are able to represent them in the best way and achieve their aspirations and expectations for development. In this regard, she stressed the importance of the responsibility of citizens in making a free and adequate electoral choice to elect competent and honest representatives capable of meeting the challenge of development and defending the decisive national issues.