September 8 Elections, Opportunity to Consolidate Democracy in Morocco – MP SG –

The triple legislative, regional and communal elections of September 8 are an opportunity to consolidate Moroccan democracy, said Secretary General of the Popular Movement (MP), Mohand Laenser. “September 8 is a remarkable day for Morocco and for our democracy, in the sense that the electoral process concerns both legislative, regional and communal elections,” said in a statement to the press Laenser, after leaving a polling station in the commune of Imouzzer Marmoucha (Province of Boulemane), where he fulfilled his national duty. The Secretary General of the MP launched, on this occasion, an appeal to all citizens to participate massively in this triple ballot in view of its importance for the enshrining of democracy in the Kingdom. A total of 2,138,486 voters registered on the general electoral roll in the region of Fez-Meknes are called upon to vote in the legislative, communal and regional elections of September 8, 2021.