PPS Secretary General Welcomes Efforts to Ensure Smooth Elections Process

The Secretary-General of the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS) Mohamed Nabil Benabdellah, welcomed on Wednesday in Rabat the efforts made to ensure a smooth running of the elections. “I came to accomplish a civic act,” Benabdellah told the media, highlighting the efforts made by the authorities to meet the requirements in compliance with measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. “We have conducted an extensive election campaign across all the Kingdom’s regions,” he noted, welcoming all stakeholders’ actions to ensure a smooth running of the political parties’ campaigns. According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, the party presented 302 candidates compared to 640 for the regional elections and 9,817 for regional councils. Polling stations opened Wednesday at 8 a.m. throughout the Kingdom to elect members of the House of Representatives, communal and district councils, and members of regional councils, said the Ministry of the Interior. The voting operation will continue across the country until 7 p.m.