2021 Elections: PJD Secretariat General Members Collectively Resign – Statement –

The Secretary General of the Party of Justice and Development (PJD), Saad Dine El Otmani, together with the members of the party’s secretariat general have presented, on Thursday, their collective resignation, the day after the announcement of the September 8 elections results. This decision was taken following an extraordinary meeting of the Secretariat General, held to review the elections’ results, where the party ranked 8th with twelve seats only in the House of Representatives. “The secretariat assumes full responsibility for the management of this period,” says a PJD secretariat general statement, stressing it will continue to manage the party’s affairs in accordance with its rules of procedures. The PJD secretariat general has decided to hold an extraordinary session of the party’s national council on Saturday, September 18, in order to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the elections process and take the appropriate decisions. The secretariat described the results as “incomprehensible and illogical”, stressing that they do not reflect the reality of Morocco’s political map, nor the position of the party in the political landscape.