Abu Walid Al Sahrawi: Terrorist Militarily Trained Within Polisario Ranks, Argentinian Media Says

Adnan Abu Walid al Sahrawi, leader of the Islamic State in the Great Sahara (jihadist group) who has recently been neutralized by French forces, is “a terrorist who has been militarily trained within the ranks of the separatist polisario front,” writes Argentina’s Alternative Press Agency. The polisario “is a separatist organization that practices terrorism under the aegis of Algeria,” recalls the Argentinian news agency. The membership of Abu Walid Al Sahrawi is a new proof of “the frequent involvement of polisario members in terrorist actions.” Abu Walid Al Sahrawi, emir of the Islamic State of the Great Sahara, is an emblematic case of polisario’s involvement. It also indicates how dangerous Tindouf camps in southern Algeria are,” says the same source. “It is not surprising to see that many desperate young people from these camps end up joining dangerous illegal mining, smuggling or jihadist groups operating in the region,” the agency adds.