Mohammed V University Stands Out in Innovation Week in Africa 2021

Mohammed V University of Rabat stood out in the “Innovation Week in Africa” (IWA 2021), winning two gold medals, a Master of Innovation certificate and a ‘Special Contribution’ international award, said the university in a statement. This event, held from September 8 to 12 at the initiative of OFEED association, brought together competitors from 14 countries presenting 83 projects, the same source added. Awards went to Professor Hassan Ammor from Mohammadia School of Engineering, together with his team for their innovative projects; namely a “new smart microwave imaging scanner for breast cancer detection, a smart microcellular antenna in GSM 3G and 4G, and bands to combat cheating by mobile phone at exam centers.” Mohammed V University was also honored with the outstanding Excellence in Innovation and Leadership Award, given by the IWA to the university’s president Mohammed Rhachi.