UN: Hilale Presents to Member States in New York and Geneva Challenges GA First Committee

Two days before the opening of the proceedings of the United Nations Disarmament and International Security Committee (First Committee), ambassador Omar Hilale, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations in New York, in his capacity as Chairman of the said Committee, virtually briefed, on Monday, the member States in New York and Geneva, on the preparations, modalities and objectives of this session. This meeting brought together representatives of about one hundred member States in New York and Geneva, which indicates the great interest given to the international security issues that the Committee deals with. Speaking on this accasion, ambassador Hilale stressed the difficult circumstances in which the proceedings of the First Committee are being carried out, marked by COVID 19. In this regard, he stressed the need to hold the meetings of the Committee in person, in strict compliance with health measures. As Chair of the First Committee, the Moroccan ambassador had started a series of informal consultations with member States and regional groups to shape the modalities of this year’s meeting, as part of an inclusive and innovative approach to holding substantive discussions that ensure the safety of diplomats. For their part, many member States reiterated their support for the Moroccan chairmanship of the First Committee and expressed their appreciation for the efforts made by ambassador Hilale to reach inclusive and consensual modalities for the session of the Committee, especially those preserving the safety and health of participants.