Tetouan: Police Open Investigation into Dissemination of Fake News Inciting Illegal Immigration

The prefectural service of the judicial police of Tetouan opened, on Tuesday, a judicial investigation to identify and arrest all the people involved in the dissemination of fake news via computer systems inciting illegal immigration and claiming, fraudulently, that border control procedures have been eased. Monitoring services had detected posts shared on social media and instant messaging apps inciting illegal immigration, which required a stronger security presence along the coastline leading to the city of Fnideq, said National Police (DGSN) in a statement. During the implementation of these security measures, several would-be illegal immigrants deliberately threw stones at the public forces, damaging two vehicles parked near the scene of intervention, the same source added. Policemen arrested five people involved in these criminal acts, it said. These suspects were taken into custody to complete the judicial investigation conducted under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office, while research and technical expertise are continuing to identify all accomplices involved in the dissemination of these fake news.