Discovery in Temara of French Woman Dead Body at her Home, Investigation Opened – Police

Police in Temara opened a judicial investigation on Wednesday under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office to determine the circumstances of the discovery of the dead body of a French national, aged 89, with a deep wound at her home in Al-Andalous neighborhood. According to initial information, the body of the victim was discovered at her home and no trace of tampering was found, while her 83-year-old husband was arrested in the bathroom with numerous bloodstains on his clothes and his body, said National Police (DGSN) in a statement. The housekeeper and the nurse, who regularly monitors the husband’s health condition at home, were heard by the Police over what he described as symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, while crime scene technicians continue to take DNA samples of the victim’s blood and bloodstains found on the husband, in order to transmit them to the national laboratory for scientific and technical police and conduct the necessary technical expertises, DGSN added. The French husband is under investigation, while field research and genetic and technical expertise are underway to determine the real circumstances and causes of the woman’s death.