Royal Speech, Strong Message to Build Morocco of Tomorrow – Tunisian Expert –

The speech delivered by HM King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the opening of the new legislature, while setting out the strategic priorities for the next stage, contains “a forward-looking vision on the prerequisites to be met in order to build the Morocco of tomorrow,” said Tunisian political scientist Mohamed Nejib Ouerghi. “This is a Morocco that is marked by strong attachment to its King, the solidity of its institutions, its advanced positioning among Nations, its achievements and its assets,” said this former CEO of the Tunisian Press Agency “TAP” in an interview with MAP. According to him, the royal speech sets the way forward so that everything of which Moroccans are so proud today, is further strengthened and materialized in in-depth actions to directly contribute to the development of the country, to the preservation of its sovereignty, its influence, its unity and the fulfillment of the aspirations of Moroccans for inclusive, shared and sustainable development. According to this former editor-in-chief of Tunisian magazine “Réalités” and newspaper “La Presse”, the speech is also a reminder that the future of the country is being built today. “It is built through the implementation of the strategic vision drawn up by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, by the effort of all the living forces of the nation, by the anchoring of democratic practice and also and above all by strengthening the attributes of the sovereignty of the Kingdom in all areas “, explained this specialist in Euro-Mediterranean and Maghreb relations. The roadmap set out by the Sovereign comes at a crucial moment, following legislative, regional and local elections which have enshrined the success of the democratic process in the country, the solidity of its institutions and particularly a peaceful alternation in the management of public affairs, he pointed out.