Emilio Castelar Prize Awarded to Boughaleb El Attar : Message of Friendship to Overcome Period of Crisis – Spanish Media –

The Emilio Castelar Prize awarded to Moroccan ambassador to Cuba Boughaleb El Attar reflects a message of friendship to overcome a period of crisis and disagreements between Madrid and Rabat, Spanish Magazine “Atalayar” wrote. According to the magazine, the award is also a recognition of the diplomat’s work to bring the two peoples bordering the Strait closer together,” and his contribution to “the improvement of relations between Spain and Morocco,” adding that it is the first time that this prize has been awarded to a diplomat in office. El Attar served as political counselor at the Moroccan embassy in Spain for eight years before being appointed by HM King Mohammed VI as his ambassador to the Republic of Cuba, a post he currently holds, the magazine recalled. It also highlighted El Attar’s work in the creation of the Spanish-Moroccan Friendship Club, “which is the largest and most important Spanish non-governmental association that brings together businessmen, politicians, intellectuals, journalists, trade unionists, academics and artists, and whose mission to bring closer Spanish and Moroccan peoples.” This year’s Emilio Castelar Prize was awarded to different personalities from political and intellectual life, both Spanish and international.