Over 260 Would-be Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Province of Laayoune

A total of 262 would-be illegal immigrants and several traffickers were arrested last week in the province of Laayoune during several operations conducted by security services as part of their fight against human trafficking networks that have led to the seizure of money, equipment and navigation material. Thus, 29 candidates for illegal immigration, including two smugglers, were arrested on October 19 and a large sum of money was seized. Three days later, 57 people, who were planning to go to the Canary Islands, were arrested. Security services also arrested on October 24 in Laayoune a total of 132 individuals who were planning to cross to the Spanish coast. Another attempt of illegal immigration at Foum El Oued was aborted and 44 candidates were arrested with the seizure of a rubber boat and two motorboats. Elements of the prefectural service of the judicial police in Laayoune arrested on Thursday, in coordination with their counterparts in Guelmim, three people active in the organization of illegal immigration attempts to the Canary Islands, with the seizure of 3 boats, two motorboats and a large sum of money.